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Schedule Of Events- Workshop timeline is subject to change

Please scroll down for workshop descriptions.

Friday 2/23/2017

11:30-1:30pm- Lacey Sanchez- The Elegant Octopus

1:45-3:45pm-Tarifa Salem- Zaar Dance "Gentle"

4:00pm-6:00pm- Ranya Renee- Bad Girls Have More Fun -Egyptian Baladi/Shaabi Styling

8:00pm-10:00- Hafla with performances

Saturday 2/24/2017

9:00-Noon- Ahmed Hussien- Muwashahat

12:15-1:15pm-Ranya Renee-Power Point Presentation and discussion over lunch-Classic and Modern Egyptian Oriental Dance.

1:30-3:30pm- Ranya Renee-80's Egyptian Technique Luv: Oum Koulsoum

3:45-5;45- Jennifer-Shimmies On The Down

8:00pm-10:00pm- Gala Showcase

Sunday 2/25/2017

9-11:00am Ahmed Hussien-Nubian

11:30-1:30pm Omaris-Drum Solo Choreography

1:45-3;45pm Alcia Bellycraft Dark Veil

workshop descriptions

Ahmed Hussien-Nubian and Muwashahat


Join Ahmed Hussien's interpretation of Muwashahat and experience the vibrant tradition of dance which continues to enrich the repertoire of Middle Eastern Folkloric Dances.

Muwashah dance is an Arab-Andalusian dance consisting of love poems written in classical Arabic whose origins can be traced back as far as the 8th century Andalusia. The poems were recited and sung in palaces exclusively for royalty without the accompaniment of movement or dance.

Muwashahat is considered a pre-modern musical form and falls into the category of classical Arab music. There is no 'original" Muwasha danceand any choreographer can create a dance that reflects their understanding of the culture. Reda is credited as the first to translate this art form into a style of dance that reflected his interpretation of the music and culture of Andalusia.


Tarifa Salem:

Theatrical version of "Zaar" ritual.

The "Zaar" ceremony, an ancient ritual of Islamic North Africa in which people (usually women) were brought forth to be exorcised of djinn or a dark spirit causing illness through movements that result in release due to their trance inducing capabilities. Like other "ritual" dance, the zaar has become part of the repertoire of Middle Eastern Dancers. This workshop will introduce you to trance inducing movements commonly seen in theatrical versions of the Zaar as well as the processional type movements that would be characteristic of a high priestess or congregants, all of which are induced by the hypnotic Ayub rhythm that provokes a universal urge to move escalating to a frenzied release. Mr. Ibrahim Farrah, Tarifa's mentor, referred to this dance as the 'original dance therapy". Tarifa was always fascinated with ritual dance thus wrote her Master Thesis on Moroccan Trance Dance later published in 2 parts in Arabesque Magazine in 1982.

Ranya Renee:

Friday workshop - Bad Girls Have More Fun!

Short description:

Season your dance with flirty spice in this freeing workshop! From a base of Egyptian baladi/shaabi styling, we'll look at different approaches to sensuality and sexuality in dance performance, using inspiration from the legends. (Bad boys of bellydance are also definitely welcome!)

Saturday 2nd workshop - 80's Egyptian Technique Love: Dancing Oum Koulsoum

The 1980's is the era of the dance stars that most influenced Ranya's dancing, especially Fifi Abdou and Mona el Said.

We'll dig into signature technique from these dance legends, working with the subtleties of interpreting music of the great singer Oum Koulsoum.

Saturday Ist Workshop- Powerpoint/video presentation & discussion:

Comparing classic and modern Egyptian oriental dance -  


Shimmies On The Downs

Let’s be honest, there are hundreds of shimmy workshops out there, so why Jennifer’s? Shimmies on the Downs takes a deep and slow approach.

This will not be a cardio workout style shimmy workshop, this will be a “get down and nerdy with your bad self” type of shimmy workshop.

We will begin with a demonstration, analysis and deep stretch of all of the muscles involved in the psoas. If you watched my companion video to my Shimmy On The Downs Dvd, you know what is coming!

You WILL NEED To BRING a tennis ball AND a golf ball in order to do these exercises in the workshop. If you have a yoga mat or knee pads, please bring them as well.

After we release our muscles, and become aware of them, we will learn about what movements activate them, and create awareness.

Once all of that is out of the way, prepare to “feel” the inner workings of your shimmy like never before with specific, targeted shimmy drills done at a slow pace.

We will sample each well-known and loved downward shimmy with the new awareness and techniques shared by Jennifer. The point is to accomplish the shimmy utilizing a different mindset.

You can be a highly experienced and accomplished with shimmies, and these techniques, release exercises, and focus on awareness will further improve your range of motion.

Don’t have much of a belly? You will learn how to “fake a belly” while you shimmy. This is Jennifer’s latest “toy” to use for private events and it is always a crowd pleaser.

So give this a try, become better aware of the culprit behind those “not so perfect” shimmies and apply ”the cure”!

DVD’s will be available for sale at the workshop as well as Books. Sometimes we just have to nerd out a bit, and the light bulb will go off! Prepare to achieve a larger shimmy within this workshop, guaranteed!

Lacey Sanchez:

The Elegant Octopus

YOUR arms! No matter your personal style of Bellydance, Lacey will help build confidence and awareness in your upper body carriage for a more elegant performance! Students will be lead through stretches, conditioning techniques, tips and tricks and combinations for the perfect upper body and arm practice! Please bring a yoga mat and towel!

Alicia of BellyCraft:

Through the Dark Veil

Breathing life into the veil and giving this beautiful silken extension of your dance an artistically ethereal, emotionally enveloping, and embodied presence on stage. Learn fundamental concepts and techniques that will bring fluidity, grace and beauty to your veil work and enhance your artistic expression and vision. Alicia will showcase specific technique, transitions, recoveries and a few closely held “secrets” certain to offer participants a new level of confidence and connection with their veil. Open to all levels. Necessary supplies: silk veil

Omaris! The Dominican Rose:


Fun, high-energy, and compelling, the drum solo is a favorite of many dancers! In this workshop we'll drill a variety of techniques, building upon each section to create a sassy, cute, and fun drum solo choreography. We'll take advanced techniques and moves and learn how to match them directly to the music so that the dancer becomes the music in motion. Learn the routine, then add your personal technique and style to the passionate music! 

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